Antalya The Most Attracted City for Europeans

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Europeans are the most buying properties turkey

  • Antalya is the best-selling property for Europeans.
  • Antalya took the first position to invest among the other cities in Turkey.
  • Get to know Antalya projects of properties for sale in turkey.
  • The EU citizens contribute about 44% of foreigners, who own and have investments in the real-estate sector in Turkey at the current time.
  • According to a statement published by the General Directorate of the Turkish Real-estate of Registration.
  • the numbers of foreigners who own real-estate in Turkey are almost 150, 832 estates.
  • According to the statement, Turkey’s most attractive foreign investors were:

buying properties turkey percentage

Antalya (31,113 foreign investors), Istanbul (25,392 investors), Aydin (6,595 investors) and Bursa (4,920 investors).

  • Citizens of the United Kingdom were at the top list of investors from the European Union
  •  The number of Britons who invested in real estate in Turkey about 24,456.
  • The total of another European countries 26,046.
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